Monday, April 13, 2009

Local First contest process piece

This was a late entry for the contest...but worth the effort I think.  I made a high res scan of the inked drawing before trying to color with watercolors.  It's a good thing, too...because I ended up rushing it and ruining the drawing.  I thought I could wing the color design / etc. and it turned out ugly.  So I went for the digital coloring which worked out much more nicely because I could try different things without permanently marking it.  I suppose that's what prelims are for historically....but I never liked to over-do a fresh idea.  That is why I failed.  Anyways, the end turned out very well!  Tell me what you think--and if you live in or near Grand Rapids you can vote on your favorite artwork (and drink delicious beer) at Founders, Tuesday April 21 between 5PM and 8PM.

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