Tuesday, November 17, 2009

chew toy, other doodles....

...from the other week.

Our dog got a hold of my book while we were gone for a few minutes.  Luckily, and amazingly, the only page she tore out was the last one, which was the only blank page in the entire book.  Thanks, Elsie, for being so considerate with your destruction.

Some of the images are taken from Shorpy, like the tattooed girl on the right and the Junior Marines shoveling trash.  The self-portrait with a screwed up eye is on the top left--the facing page is an image of Aaron Rosell, a musician with nearly the same name as me.


Andrea Kowch said...

These are great!

Aaron Rosell (He Who Never) said...


This is Aaron Rosell! I just stumbled upon this illustration of me, which has DEFINITELY never been done before. How on earth did you find me??

All my best.