Monday, November 2, 2009


I was asked to help wood-burn some images into a large sheet of wood on the door of a water-softener insulator.  Their budget wasn't very high but I stuck with it and worked out the image the way it was intended after we first spoke.
I hadn't wood-burned since maybe 2006, and my experience with it was limited.  I had been using my older brother's cheap crafty wood-burner since I was a kid, and there was only one dirty old tip.
Even after buying a new one with multiple tips it was clear after a couple hours I would need to up the ante.  We busted out a blow torch and burned it up.
The plan was to minimally illustrate some items he was picturing based on the natural shapes of the grains and knots in the pine.  It turned out to be a lake scene.  The photos I took are unfortunately awful...they don't show most of the nuance of the burns values.

He plans on staining the sections outside of the picture, but my job here is done.

These are some sketches I did in front of him to make sure we were on the same page.  In the end, the birds were nixed and the waves / sky weren't filled in.  The natural wood grains looked magical enough. Can't mess with nature.

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