Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stuff, things, etc.

I have been somewhat artistically inactive lately, but I'd like to mention something I'm really proud of.  I just found out that my contest piece for the VLP won second place!  It's so honoring to have incredibly talented professionals judge my work as worthy.  After dismissing most of the art I made during 4 years of art-school I'm on my own as I try to become a better illustrator...BUT I do have help and encouragement from the peers and instructors of the Illustration Academy, et al.

I just added a fine and inspiring art addition to my home/studio, pretty excited about that.  Thanks Francis!

I have been sketching a bit, to keep my hands and eyes in touch.  Here's a sample page featuring a lazy greyhound and a baby cypress (my scanner is no more, and can't find the camera.)

**Found the camera**
I'd like to credit and Chicks and Bikes for supplying some sweet photos on a regular basis.


Lamar M said...

pretty sick stuff man! really like that top piece with the bird's eye view of the kids.

Jed said...

Some nice work in general, but the Stephen King story illustration is really effective.