Tuesday, February 16, 2010

James Blackshow Shaw

I got to sit front row to see James Blackshaw last week.  I knew it would be a pretty chill concert so I took me book.  Here's the one drawing of him I did, whilst zoning out to his ethereal plucking.

The opening act was a musician I hadn't heard of, Jon Mueller, who surprised (re: shocked, bored, angered, astounded, and bewildered) everyone with his performance (which consisted of 40+ minutes of a single trill  rhythm on a snare drum.) (you had to be there) During his performance I went on a roller coaster of emotions, all the while contemplating the sounds, the methods, and the concept which he demonstrated wholeheartedly.  When he finished, after thanking the silent crowd, one audience member sort of laughed like we'd just witnessed a ghost that no one was talking about...then HUGE applause roared.  Then died down.  Then Jon stood up--again the audience was completely silent--and walked off stage.  Sweet.

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Raven Herrera said...

Haha, that's pretty strange, sweet little drawings though.