Thursday, September 23, 2010


"The Last Smoke"
watercolor, digital overlay

Not sure about the break in the clouds...I don't think I like how it comes in contact with his head.  Also the sharp silhouette may need to be detailed better.  Any other suggestions?

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Ryan Brady said...

Great piece! Personally I would show a little more suggestion of his pinky in the hand to the right (the one NOT holding the lighter). I'm a huge fan of using simple silhouettes in pieces - it lets the viewer figure out the details, and it's an interesting shape in itself, adding more dynamic to the piece.
As far as the cloud break, it doesn't bother me. My eye starts at the break, which acts as an arrow that leads down to the figure, then to the left of him, back up to the top left corner, and back at the break. A nice circular pattern. If anything I would make the break a little less bright.
Cool idea for a piece! Going to the National Portfolio Day in Chicago in October?