Friday, February 26, 2010

morning work

Pastel, first step.
Pastel, second step.  Other girl is ink / graphite.
This sketch, basically taken directly from the still of an amazing Youtube video, is a preparation for a group show soon at the DAAC.  The theme / title is "Humanature".  
This is what I worked on last night.  If it's not already obvious I was struggling pretty heavily.  The paper choice is odd, but I thought it would work well.  It's called Yupo, a polypropelene ultra smooth stock.  It was holding the ink well in some areas, but other spots (where I used a gum eraser) were not taking it.  Aside from that--I couldn't quite get comfortable with the shape of the tiger.  I might attempt to restart this one...we'll see.


Ryan Brady said...

i love that first step. real simple.

KATIA WISH said...

First one is really striking. Less is more.

Aaron Rossell said...

Oh I know--I'm glad I photographed it before going over it more. I think if I had done it on toned paper I could have kept that striking simplicity and only added minor lights. Oh well, an experiment...I regret nothing. haha